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Permaculture Design & Coaching, Retreats & Events

"If you want to protect Nature, help people fall in Love with it."


Hey there. I'm Jonathan.

I am thrilled to open you the doors to my world.

In search of a more profound purpose, for more than ten years, I have been involved in intercultural community projects with a strong focus on intentional living and regenerative practices.

When creativity, community, and freedom converge, they ignite boundless inspiration and unlock new possibilities.

Together, we can shape a transformative way of life, making a positive impact and leaving a better world behind.

My Work

It's all about People and Places

Permaculture Design & Coaching

Harmonizing nature and community, building regenerative habitats with love, resilience, and environmental consciousness.

Retreats & Events

Transformation through intentional, interconnected experiences; fostering interpersonal relationships, self-exploration, and journeys to personal growth.

Regenerative Living

We embrace a transformative way of life, nurturing the regeneration of natural systems and responsibly caring for the Earth to create a thriving world for all, balancing environmental, social, and economic needs for present and future generations.

Intentional Community

By sharing purpose, values, and resources, we foster a supportive and collaborative environment that uplifts our Community, promotes sustainability, and encourages meaningful interactions.

Empowered Impact

We unleash our potential through profound self-discovery, growth, and purpose, inspiring positive change and making a meaningful Impact on the community and the world.

Get in touch today!

I'm eager to know you and hear about your ideas. Let's collaborate and share visions.

Call now for a brief chat, and we'll schedule a time to connect!

Environmental Stewardship

Guiding principle of our community. We promote earth care, sustainable practices and regenerative design, cultivate natural harmony and pay attention to responsible stewardship of the environment and land.

Cultural Permanence

Embracing diversity, we encourage cultural exchange fostering a global community that celebrates and learns from each other's sustainable traditions, beliefs, and regenerative perspectives.

Resilient Abundance

Incorporating indigenous wisdom limit consumption, foster equitable distribution, and cooperation. Ensuring essentials for fulfilling lives, respecting Earth's finite resources, cultivating resilience, and preserving heritage.

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Reconnect Retreat - Lötschental Switzerland

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Reconnect Retreat in Tenerife, Canary Islands

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I'm thrilled to hear from you!

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or requests.

Send me a detailed email, and I'll gladly provide the answers and assistance you need.

Let's connect and make our shared vision a reality!